Global Culinary HerStory Experiences

Since 2004, Style & Entertaining’s award-winning Culinary Experiences have been teaching home chefs how to celebrate the diversity of the Culinary HerStory of the World. #CulinaryHerStory

Each experience teaches a plant forward style of cooking and eating that emphasizes and celebrates, but is not limited to, plant-based foods—including fruits and vegetables (produce); whole grains; beans, legumes (pulses), and soy foods; nuts and seeds; plant oils; and herbs and spices—and that reflects evidence-based principles of health and sustainability.

There are 25 new Global Culinary HerStory Experiences in Product Development and Design. Each is an opportunity to educate consumers as well as celebrate the grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts working in the fashion (style) and food (entertaining) global supply chains.

Style & Entertaining's woman-owned lifestyle brand aims to increase the participation of small and medium size women-owned small businesses in developing economies to support creators of Fashion, Crafts & Folk Art, Design, Film, Artisan Gastronomy and Wine, Literature, Media Arts, Music, Heritage and Sustainable Culinary Travel Programs.