You Learn Hands-On to:

Buy Fresh Buy Local: The shopping list helps you easily buy the fresh ingredients — including meats, produce, artisanal cheeses, wine and flowers — from your local Farmer's Market or Grocery Store.


Become Supermarket Chic! We help you quickly shop to select, buy and store fresh, high-quality perishable ingredients.

Spice Up Your Life: The Kit includes the pre-measured organic herbs and spices, and natural whole grains, nuts, beans and dried fruits needed to prepare the menu.

Get Kitchen Confident! My informative and engaging "spokeschef" style content shares my celebrity-chef inspired cooking techniques and tips to develop your love of cooking and the skills to make healthy, farm-to-table meals at home.

Identify Your Wine Style: Enjoy food and wine pairing lessons and learn how to store and serve wines.

Find Your Entertaining Style: Set a stylish scene from invitation to dinner table, using the included custom invitations and envelopes, scent-free votive candles, quality menu cards, place cards, cocktail and luxurious paper dinner napkins.

Become Stylish & Entertaining! Expand your hosting abilities with my tips for floral arranging, music selection, table setting, and setting the mood.